Sunday, 12 June 2011

And finally...

Another Friday gone and finally a  good days fishing.

I've not blogged for a fair few weeks now, due to a distinct lack of fishing.

Its not to say I've not been out at all, but not for a whole day. I did grab the lure rod the other evening, but I search the water in vain.

Friday saw me get up and out the do by 6:30am, not a really earlier start, but a early ish start.

I arrived at the decoy lake at 7:00am and quickly unpacked the gear from the car. The peg I wanted to fish was occupied by the old tench master, so I head to peg four, that tow was taken, so I settled for peg 3 which has a large lily bed to the left and cabbage in front for the first 4ft.

 The mix was soon put together comprising of PG, hemp, corn, maggot and a dash of molasses. This was well mixed together and a few balls where placed at the edge of the lilies in 13ft of water. at a range of less than 10 yards. This was to be the float line and the float rod was soon put together and depth plumbed. The rigs was simple, a bodied waggler with the bait well on the bottom.
The second rod was a conventional method feeder with fake corn. This was to be the rod that the bream would be interested in after a few cast had gotten the bait in the area.

I soon settled back and the waggler was  twitching with lots of small Roach and Rudd crashing about the baited area. The first proper bait soon came and a small Rudd was reeled in and put back. First fish of the day.

Mast Tench angler was in on the far side, with you guessed it a Tench. Things were looking up, if he was catch the tench, and he always seems too, there was hope for the rest of us.
His fish looked to be a about 3lb and he soon had that back into into the lake.

I was in again and again it was a small Rudd. This was soon followed by about a dozen small Rudd and a scatter of small roach. Time to scaled things up. The double maggot was replaced with corn. That will stop the Roach/Rudd and it did. Trouble is, is that it stopped everything else.

The old Tench Master had by this time racked up 3 more Tench and he was clearly starting to get better quality fish. I on the other hand was still bite less So after an hour of no bites, I scaled back down and decided to tolerate the small fish and try to stuff them with hemp.
Soon the quality of Roach improved and I managed a couple of nice fish to about a 1lb and a solary Perch. Not too bad I suppose.

This continued for about 2 hours then the bream moved in, not the big Bream but hundreds of skimmers.

Every time the bait settled, a skimmer would lift the float, this continued until middle of the afternoon. The Old tench master was into Tench number five by this time and I guess he had a nice fish as he weighted it.

2:45pm and it was finally fine turn to hook into something decent, the float lifted ever so gentle and I was into a good fish. Trouble is I was on 4lb main line and it led me a merry dance, taking line, kiting to the left and right. At first thought, I was thinking one of the crazy carp and come in to scoff the mix. But as it came crashing about in the cabbage, the distinctive tail slap of a tench was soon evident. At bloody last, trouble is it was give up with out a scrap and scrap it did. But soon it was in the net and after a couple of snaps a 4.1/2lb Tench was slipped back  into the lake. Not the biggest, but was certainly welcome after what can only be described as a hard season for the Tench and Bream.

Hopefully this capture with result in a change of fortune for me with the impending river season.
I should get out a week on Monday on the local river, so will see what condition the Chub and Barbel are in with any luck.


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