Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Friday and Monday

Two days off work and pike fishing was on the agenda.

Got up later than planned, but finally got to the water by 7:30am. Picked a swim that did not involve much walking for a change so quickly got the baits out and settle back on the chair to enjoy the sight and sounds. This was quickly stopped and dog walker, cyclist and running all appeared in the car park and started their preparation. This included door slamming, mobile phones and dogs barking with excitement.

Oh hum, so much for a quiet days fishing.

The next swim done to me was soon taken up by another pike angler. We acknowledged each other and both settled into our focus on catching.

My alarms were silent, but the angler next to me had a run, so after stating the bloody obvious "Are you in", I worked over to see him play out a jack of about 5lb.

After a quick look at the fish, it was soon put back and we started to chat and introduce ourselves. Turned out that me and "Alan" had a bit in common re the local area and also that we were both P.A.C members.

Expectation was high on both our parts for the rest of the day, but after a number of rebaits, recasts and cuppa's we both packed up before the heavy rain turned up. Blank number 4!?!

Nice to meet you Alan and I'm sure our paths will cross again. Say hi to Steve, looking forward to meeting him at Bluebells at the end of Feb.

Got up early this time as this particular water has a timed start/finish time. So time was of the essence and I needed to get a move on to get there paid and fishing.

Memo to self, fish were you heart says

I arrived before the shop was open and allowed Stuart to open up. not so quick chat with him re the fishery, new pike rules, other piking/fishing things and I set off to the fish I had chosen.

Now this set of swim always look pikey, even without the extra water from the recent flood water entering the water. Fish were topping all over the place so I though that the pike would be in the area.

Even the grebes were on patrol in the area, diving and catching small fish along with the kingfisher.

Three rods set out covering my pegged area and I sat back with a nice cuppa. 9:30am came and a run on rod 3, bluey head section was zipping off at speed. I wound down and leaned into a fish. 3 sec later, it was off. Rods was put back on the alarm for 1/2hr to see if it returned. It didn't, so I wound in and on inspection of the bait, found it had a tiny bite make at the cut of end.

As the bait was intacted, I recast it back to were it came and sat back.

Grebes were still diving and one even popped up with a skimmer bream, that looked to be way to big for him to swallow. But after a bit of toing and frowing, it swallowed it.

Midday came and a match man came down and fished the first peg with a pole. He was soon into the feeding silver fish and was causing quite a bit of disturbance. So I though that Mr & Mrs pike would be on the prowl.

Again, nothing until 2ish and bluey head went off again, zipping line from the spool. Wind down and lean to to fish. 10 sec and it off again!!!! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHH, I said.

On inspection of the bait, yet again small bite marked from what only can be determined as a jack not much bigger than the bait.

Blank number 5?????!!!!!! But had runs


BTW Not many picture, as I've accidentally deleted them off the camera!!!! But did find one on the phone?!?


  1. Hi Jason
    Sounded like you and Alan had a good Chin wag on saturday hope to try there this weekend we are fishing same place as you were on monday tomorrow had a couple there during the week, hope to see you at Blue Bell lakes Tight lines


    steve (SHB900)

  2. Cheers Steve,

    Going back tomorrow and probably the pond on Monday......hope it warms up though