Friday, 17 June 2011

Pike & Predator Forum - Closed for Now (But reopened)(& Closed for good)

Well it looks like the minority has won and what was once the place were "views could be aired" has now gone.

"This forum is closed until further notice" is the message you get and the slow demise of the site from what used to be the "Bear Pt" to finally the "Teddy Bear Pit" has happened.

It is a real shame to put it bluntly. But while didn't condone all of the material/topics that haven published over the years, I did like it because the members would give an honest view on tackle firms, fisheries and in some case individual anglers action.

The guys and girls would help out other members with advise and there was always great debates on modern angling methods and practises both good and bad.

Friendships were make and probably broken, tackle was bought and sold, members were happy then upset, but that was the beauty of the site. It fitted the need of 99% of the users.

But alas the "owner" of the site got complaints in relation to topic being posted, so it looks it is alas no more.......

Freedom of speech, well only if it does not upset anyone. can always come over to the P.A.C GB site

EDIT...The panda pit is back up and running for now

Final Edit, Closed for ever!!!!....So join

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