Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bankside Beverages

With the increasingly availability of small, lightweight stove and kettles for camping, treking etc,
I decided to switch from the faithful flask to the trusty stove. But alas the stove was a bit worst for ware and decided to go and buy a new one.

There is so many on the market, it is awash with these types of stove, but the prices ranged from £10 up to £100+ it is so difficult to decided on what I should get.

So I started to look about and not wanting to spend the earth I came across this little beauty from Vango a Scottish firm.

This a lovely little engineered stove with clever folding burner top and feet which mean the whole unit fits in to a small plastic storage box. The hose and fittings are all aluminium and it feels like a quality product. It runs off of a 220g screw in 70% Butane and 30% Propane canister

First time out and I noticed a flaw, no built in sparking device. But that's not a show stopper, so I resorted to the trusty matches/lighter. There is a nice adjustable mixer on the canister connector, which regulates the gas flow and the flame high.

It works a treat and boils small quantities if water quickly, which is perfect for the bank.

At under £30.00 its a steal and coupled with the other bits you need (kettle, milk, water, tea bags etc) the whole lot weighs no more than a couple of flasks.

So what about a kettle, well I do have a camping kettle,but its rather large and takes an ages to boil (well 4 minutes LoL).

Trangia Series 27/25 Kettle is the answer. I went for the 0.9l version with the folding handle and the vent hole.Trangia are a Swedish firm who have been making stoves and trekking cookware for 85 years and they come highly recommended.

Now all I need to do is make the tea!


  1. Could have flogged you one for less than £20 ;)

  2. I know people like Jet Boils too, but that might just be a US thing.