Monday, 3 July 2017

Reel Value

There are times when you really think that some isn't worth repairing, but the idea of binning the Shimano Exage 4000RC filled me with dread. Not that it was an expensive reel judging what others will pay for a lure reel, but this one had been used for a number of years to catch alot of pike.

So, after getting a recommendation about a company who repaired reels from a the pit members, I decided to contact John at Reel Value and see what he could do.

The reel was sent off after agreeing a price for the service and with the understanding that the sticking clutch and bizarre handle wobble maybe able to be sorted.

Ten days later and I get a call speak to John will the news on the repair.

Well all I can say is it was returned and feels better than it was when it was new and the price paid from the repair and service, plus return postage/packing was under £15.00.

So it you have reel that looks like it destine for the bin give John at Reelvalue at call.

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  1. I have a nest of knackered 300's loking at me in a sorry way on the shelf...