Friday, 18 July 2014

Saving a Few Bob

Well the topic of home made or recycling bits came up on the pit this week and it got me think about the accessories we buy for fishing.

Now I'm a tackle tart to some extreme and do like to buy nice new reels from time to time, but what about tackle boxes, holdalls etc. Do we always really need to buy new or buy a named box?

With the cost of fishing items rocketing from week to week and with manufacturers discontinuing excellent products just so they can bring out another product, are we fools to ourselves.

So with that in mind, I thought I'd share with you some of my best 2nd buys tackle buys, cheap stuff from non tackle shops and homemade stuff.

Used, but like new Shimano 6010 GT reel

Bought this off of a forum member who I knew, the reel was like new and in excellent condition. Bargain at £40.00

Used in excellent condition Nash Barrowlogix Quiver - £25.00

Again bought of of a forum member, this was in great condition and only used a handful of time. It will do nicely for the long session with mutliple rod on the barrow

New Asda 1.3l food container

Cheap as chips and will last longer.Bought one for piking last winter, no have four, two for pike (boat & bank), one for zander and the final one for cats £2.00 each

New Asda food containers 125ml

Bought loads of these over the last year for my bits and bots in the predator boxes to store swivels, hooks, sleeves, beads etc, etc, etc 60 for  two!

Homemade Float tubes

I got fed up of the plastic tubes and saw various length parcel tubes in the Post Office. Some after wrapping them in white duck tape, I now have three float tubes. One for large still waters, one for small still waters and one for the rivers. About £2.00 each
2nd hand, but new Savagegear XLNT Bushwacker15-50g lure rod

During a lunchtime walk into town, spotted a unwrap rod in the rack. Hey presto a brand new, but second hand lure rod. Only £35.00

The question also has to be raised is some of the non main stream gear as good as the branded stuff. Well the answer in some cases is yes. Look at Carp Zone for starters


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    1. Certainly is.....I've just got another one for the roach/perch bag...I think I have an addiction :-/