Sunday, 20 July 2014

Quality Hand Made Lures

With my obsession to ultra light fishing growing and tackle box of small (under 10g) lure growing, I thought I would share with some of the best lure manufacturers out there.

Most of the lures I buy are hand made, why? Well they usually have been field tested to death and generally last longer, well unless they get caught in a tree or a under water snag!!!

So to start with the above picture is of some Martin Minnows ties on size 6 hooks with 5.5mm tungsten head, approx 1.5g weight made for me by Mart from the LAS forum .

They are exquisite and I really can't wait to use them. I've been looking at fly lures for my perch fishing for a while with limited success. Then these popped up and at £12.00 for 4, they no more expense that most mainstream lures. I look forward to using them.

Next up we have one of my favourite lure guys. Mark Houghton of MH Custom Lures . Mark has been making lures for years and have made a number of different lures for me, including some customer patterns.

This crank baits are one of my all time favourite lures for pike. They work about 3-5ft and give one hell of a wobble. I have several different patterns for specific waters and all catch pike!!

Mark haves an extensive range of lures from his beanies to his large 100mm baits. Check him out.

Next up is Matt Holmes of Fish Fooler  This guys make loads of different types of lures, including cranks, flies, jerk, etc,etc. His lures are awesome and are proven fish catches. I only have a cope of his cranks, but look forward to getting a few more of his handmade lures.

Then we have Barry Robinson, Robinson Lures . I won one of Barry sub surface lures last year and it has been hammer by pike.

Barry's attention to fine detail is great and the finish is mind blowing.

Finally, John's spinnerbaits aka bassmanjohn0 again from the LAS forum.

I've seen john's work for the last couple of years, and after seeing them and getting them for junior events/prizes, this year I had to have some of my own.

The two in the picture courtesy of John and are available from the LAS forum.

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