Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Better than working for a living

The day was due to be dull and overcast, and with a day off and bait to use up, it was time to head out.

After Saturdays failed river piking session, my mojo for pike and the rivers was at an all time low, so out with the perch rods!!!

I venture to a local lake that is a bit different to my normal venues, its small, very small. Infact its not a lake really but a large pond.
This lake/pond call it what you will, is home to some cracking perch and is a really pleasant place to be, perfect for a 1.2 day session.

I arrived a bit later than planned, but earlier enough to see the sunrise and soon the gear was out. 
Running ledger rig with worm on one rod and float fished caster worm on the other. It didn't take long for the first fish to come. A nice fat, annoying carp!! But in alot of ways it was fun and I it was a welcome sight.

The 4-5lb carp was soon returned only to be quickly joined by carp number two, these critters were certainly awake under the trees', but the float fished lobworm remained untouched.

After an hour, the alarm sounded again and for a second I thought it was a perch, but alas another critter carp!!!!!

The float fished lobworm was still untouched, and with the sun coming around, it was unlikely this would result in a perch taking it. So it was changed over to a second running ledger rig with a big lobworm on the size 8 hook.

It was only out for about 1/2 hour in the roots of a tree when the bobbin jangled and the alarm sounded. After a brief struggle, a nice perch was landed. At 1lb 10oz it was the biggest perch I've caught (i think), so to date and it will be enjoyable try to better it. The pond does hold bigger, so a 2 or maybe a 3lb is realistic target in the coming season. Perch are becoming a favourite small species of mine and I can see perch fishing becoming an obsession.

The perch was soon returned, but I did curse myself that it did picture of me holding the perch. 
I recently purchase from Dave Lumb or Lumbland a second hand Lumix G2 with wireless remote for just this occasion, but alas I forgot to use it. So you will have to make to for the time being with these action shots instead.

So now I have gotten to grips with the new camera, I should hopefully get more shots of me with fish.

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