Monday, 27 January 2014

Hit and Miss

Saturday saw me venturing off to fish one of the big reservoirs for zander and hopefully pike. But there was a issue, a storm front was heading our way.

I arrived like most nice and early to find the gates still locked even though we have been advised to get there early. But this wasn't any issue because it gave me chance to catch up with fellow Pikers Pits members Predator and Mickey D, who just happened to be on the water the same day as me.

Finally, the gates opened and we were soon paying for our tickets, loading the boat, and despite being one of the first on the boat, we we the last to get out (Martin brought everything including the kitchen sink).

We finally ventured out and got ourselves sorted and headed for the iconic tower.

After anchoring up we got to work with the lures, Martin was jigging, whilst I preferred to work crank baits through the depths.

The crank soon worked its magic and I was battling with a reasonable size fish to the boat, but alas the fish shook the hooks lose at the surface. I suspect it was a large trout, but we'll never know.

Martin then score with the jigging and was soon scrapping with another fish, this one didn't throw the hooks and a nice size brownie was netted.

A quick snap and the trout was returned.

We then decided to move closer to the tower as we'd see a couple of anglers boat fish.

Once we have finally anchored up (after undoing 7 knots that had reduced the anchor rope by 5 feet) we started fishing again. The crank bait was soon in action again and I felt a number of hits as it came up the water column. As the lure it the surface, a large zander crashed out of the water missing the crank by mm.

We worked the tower for a good hour, but nothing materialised so we went for the first drift of the day.

To sum up the day, we drifted, we anchored up and we searched the water for more fish, but alas nothing else came to the boat. I did have a number of his on bottom bounced shads, but most resulted in shad loosing there tails.
But 3pm, with the storm nearly upon use, we headed for shore. Just in time really because by the time we had put the boat in, the swell was dangerous. The rain lashed down and the wind was up to 50mph.

The drive home was colourful, which main roads being flooded and visibility poor. I was happy to be in that night.

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