Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I finally managed to get out fishing properly over the weekend.

The weather has been kind to me and I manage a quick session with the lure rod which resulted in a brace of double figure pike and a jack from a local water.

The pike were really on the feed hard, and it was one of those rare occasion were I founded them shoaled up in one area. They all fell to the same lure which made it even more satisfying.
The only downside was that I didn't have more time to fish longer, but that would have been greedy.

The second trip of the weekend involved a trip over the border, were had a seat in a broads boat all in the name of research.

The EA coupled with locally angling groups have been conducting a research project on some Broads pike. I had been invited to help them catch pike in order to take their vital statistics and tag them.

I managed two fish in the artic easterly wind, both on lures which was a surprise to me and my boat partner.
We did have other takes during the day, but failed to get the hooks hold. It did seem that the pike weren't really feeding, but with the aid of some colourful lure patterns, I think I managed to get the pike to attack out of pure aggression rather than a need or want to feed.

It was nice to get out, even though in the morning we did have to use the boat to break through the ice.


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