Thursday, 3 January 2013

Nash Peg One Roving Rucksac

Its rare that I review any of the tackle I use as its mainly bought after extensive field testing by me or others.

But on this occasion I feel it warranted. I have been after a mid-size rucksack for ages for the winter piking, as the Wychwood K1 with its metal frame is just too darn big and heavy, I thought I had found it when I stumbled across the BFW carp session rucksack, but it is too small for winter piking, so it was put into use as my summer fishing pack and has performed well last spring and summer.

So I then looked at the Wychwood Solace rucksack, but that was too small and it didn't fit in anything at all, the pockets were just not a decent size, so it was taken back.

It was during the start of the piking season, I saw a Nash Peg One Roving Rucksack

I was given one as a Xmas present after some very strong hints, and it was soon put into use during the last three session piking. The pack does not seem very big, but it has seven external zipped pockets of various sizes, a single zipped mesh pocket and a large internal compartment. 

It has been filled with my normal piking gear including a coleman cooler box, 1.5litre flask and camera and it still has room for other bits and bops if I require. 

The only draw back is the hard internal base, which when loaded digs into your lower back, but this was soon moved to be a pack plate and all was good. The build quality seem good and the two long pockets I use for 3 x BBB alarms and the smaller one for the unhooking gear. I have change by tackle box for a klip-it food container which fits in the front pocket.

So for first impression and usability, its good, but you have to wonder how much field testing was done, if they (Nash) hadn't identified the hard base issue. Perhaps they have??????

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