Wednesday, 2 January 2013

End of 2012

And so the end of 2012 has happened, not as predicted by the Mayan's with the end of the world, just the end of another year.

I finished the year as I had started it, pike fishing, but unlike the first run of 2012 which resulted in a 20lber, the last run resulted in a scrappy 4lber. But this pike was as welcome as his big sister because it brought to an end a run of 7 blanks, not a record number but enough to start questioning my venues, tactics, bait and even my sanity on occasions.

The fishing in 2012 in most cases has been poor. Most of my targets weren't met and I didn't get a sniff of a couple of my chosen specimens.

I have though managed to get out onto the rivers during the summer in search of river bream and did manage a few respectable specimens to 6lb during day time sessions using the quiver.

I also managed to get out with the lads from the Lure Anglers Society for a social on the banks and even managed to hold my own fishing lures.

On the social side I even made a trip down to the west county with the lads from the pikers pit to fish for barbel on a beautiful stretch of river. Unfortunately, I didn't land any barbel but it was a good weekend and I met some great characters from the angling world.

So all in all, it not been a bad year, just not the year I was hoping for. But there is always 2013 to look forward to with new challenges on the fishing front and more stunning sights whilst out on the banks of the lakes, pits, river and drains that I have the privilege to fish.

Tightlines for 2013

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