Sunday, 23 December 2012

I'm still here......

Ho, ho, ho and Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

Sorry not posted up for ages, but with the river being in flood, stillwaters being flooded and the general lack of quality fishing, it been difficult to find anything to write about of late.

I have been trying to fish and I spent a few days on a river in a neighbouring county, but with no luck.
In fact on the boat we only saw two pike over three days. One followed the lure to the boat before turning away and the second picked up a deadbait only to swim off with it in full view before ejecting it. It would have been a different story had we been able to troll baits through the town, but as the banks of the river were ram packed with tourist pikers, we were luck even to get out of the bat yard.

So that brings me to the latest trip today. I went to a local lake and fished half-heartedly for 5hr's with one grebe dropped run to show for my efforts. It was a great day for pike fishing and I did half expect a couple of pike, but alas even on this "oh so perfect piking day", the missing ingredient , the pike were not playing ball.

On the plus side, I did manage to get the drifter going nicely and finally tuned the distance rig that I been playing about with for a couple of years.

So it Christmas time and I hope to get out a few times during my time away from the office.

Hopefully, I find the pike on a water or two.


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