Sunday, 21 November 2010

New Project

It been a week since my last fishing trip and in this time I've been doing quite a bit of research in to pike movements and spatial behaviour.

For some time I have been interesting in hour pike behave during the season that I fish for them.

Once piece of writing that has wanted to conduct a small scale monitoring process is a book called "My Years of Pike Fishing in the Gipping Valley & Related Stories" by a little know PAC member called Bob Copping. In his book he mentions how he took undertook a pike tagging and monitoring study on his local waters during the 70's and early 80's, with some interesting results on how the pike would travel from gravel pit to river and back again during a season or more.

In some cases the tagged pike would travel through a number of waters and pieces of interconnecting river before being re-caught.

I've contacted a couple of different agencies for help. So far the one one who has been of much help is the Environment Agency who have explained and talked me through the various license I would need depending on the method of capture and tagging.

It seems that as a angler the best intent of tagging the fish that myself and Blankman catch is by a type of marker pen that can be applied to a fin or tail. This way it is neither invasive or harmful to the pike.

I post up a copy of my methodology once agreed with the fishery owner.

What else have I been up to, I'm planning a trip in Feb 11 with the PAC to Bluebells Lake in Peterborough for a PAC exclusive day on the water.

Its a go couple of hours from home, but I always up for trying out new water even if they involve a bit of driving.

Weather isn't looking particularly good in East Anglia for the coming week with a met office prediction of snow and sub-zero temperatures, hopefully that would happen before the weekend otherwise the good fish we had of late with a roving approach will be out of the window and it will be back to slogging in out as a static angler fishing the deep water marks. Oh well we will see.


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