Friday, 29 October 2010

Preparing for Another 2 days....

Today is Fridays and tomorrow is fishing day. Weather looks good and there should be a nice ripple on the water to get old Esox excited.

Plan is to go on a rove around one of the still waters and try to get the big girls on the feed. Even though I have had a number of pike including a few low doubles it would be nice to get a high teen over even a twenty under my belt.

I also have flexi day on Monday, so I will be again able to fish, but not with Blankman who is my normal piking fishing partner. Monday with see a brand new chapter of fishing with a local lad who I met at work. He has an impressive caught list of pike and I'm hoping that some of his good luck will rub off on me.

Picked up some additional dead baits bait from Gladwells County Store in Copdock. They do a small selection of fishing gear for Pike, Carp and Sea fishing, and sell the likes of Eddie Turner and Fox gear. Just ask for Michael and I'm sure he will help you out with what you need.

Bait boat is going well, I re assembled and soldered all of the electrics during the week and soldered on new switches. I've even installed a bright rear flashing light to night time fish. I have set this up under its own power supply (9v), so that the main motor servo battery isn't drained.

I'll do another write on the weekends advertures early next week to let you know, how I've gotten on.

TL for now..

PS Michael, Sheba is now down to 40p per 100g ;-)

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