Friday, 22 October 2010

Friday Thoughts

The various forums have been buzzing of late with lots of what if, how do you, and when do you type questions.

Whilst it interesting to see peoples enthusaim to find out more, some of it is the same old questions, just with a different slant.

One of my favour question on the PAC site was re conditions for a pike season and how you should approach early season pike fishing. For me, I identified a number of steps to enable me to have a sucessful session and season.

For a session:

1) Fish as much and as long as possible
2) Stay mobile
3) Look for natures signs.....prey fish activity, bird life etc
4) Avoid very bright conditions
5) Fish each rod differnetly to the other e.g.popup, hard on the bottom, rovng float
6) Don't be afraid to experiment with baits or rigs
7) Be confident in your appoarch
8) Don't forget the margins
9) Look for features, wed beds, overhanging trees, structure
10) Enjoy you fishing

For a season

As above but with the following

11) Identify 5 waters 3 old, 2 new
12) Try something new, new water, new way of fishing, new bait
13) Enjoy being outdoors, what ever the weather
14) Spend time fishing along and as part of a team

So if your out fishing this weekend, give some of these a try, it might just help you catch that one fish more or a new pb.


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