Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Bait Boat and Fighting Fish

No fishing this weekend or next I'm afraid. Same really as I have been on a bit of a roll of late and was looking forward to wetting a line for esox lucius.

Still I did find time to get down to one of my favour venues to give the maiden voyage to the "Black Pig" bait boat.
Quite wisely (thanks wife), I secured the boat to a rod and reel just in case of any problems and I'm glad I did. Nothing major, but I had forgotten to crimp the leads onto the motor and the vibration from the motor shook them off.

That was quickly resolved and the next minor issue was the rudder and motor controls had been inverted, so a quick swap of the leads and ago we were morning in the right direction.

The only other slight issues are a small weep from the prop shaft, (soon fixed with some Vaseline) and the position of the battery which was too far forward and under speed, lifted the prop out of the water.

Whilst packing away the bait boat etc, I step on something in the mud, it appeared to be a reel and after a quick wash down and clean up it in deed was a reel, Shimano Bait runner. The best bit is it works and just needs a new spool.

Perhaps I'll find something interesting again at the waters edge, when I conduct the next test run, You never do know.

Over the last couple of months, "we" as a family have been setting up a tropical tank. Now to date we have 12 fish all of which I can remember apart from the catfish, guppy and Silver Tip Tetras.

The tropical fish tank is going from strength to strength. Just introduced the last fish, a Siamese Fighting Fish

A pretty little fish and "Sammy" as the wife has named him is settling in well with the other inhabitants of the tank.

TL for now..

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