Thursday, 16 September 2010

Excitment is Growing

The three P are all coming together...preparation, planning & piking.

There only a week to go before I take to the water in search of pike.

Now normally, I would have started on the 1st October, but due to a golden opportunity, I have brought this forward by a week to allow we to fish a new venue with my fishing buddy aka "Blankman".

Now "Blankman" (he choose the name not me), only took up serious piking 1.1/2 years ago.

His first trip resulted in three fish a 4lb,8lb and a fine 16lb. Since then, he has failed to catch many fish, especially on days when he fish with me. Hopefully this will change this season with better condition.

Also, been search for my 5 new water to fish. So far I have 4 all within 50 miles of me and each one different and very piking. Reports from the local angler is sketchy, but they all do hold pike, ranging in size from jack to 30+ fish. It now just a question of when I fit them into my window of session during the campaign.

This season, I've managed to booked three days of the end of a week off work and get a leave pass on the Saturday. So this equal 4 whole days of glorious early season piking fishing.

Reading the posts on the "bear pit", it looks like I not the only one getting excited by the prospects of the started of the season.

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