Monday, 20 September 2010

Blast from the Past

Found these photo's whilst going through old photo albums, the first picture was so near to a twenty pounder, but even in my youth I realised that the only person I would be cheating if I claimed a 20lb fish was myself. It weighed 19lb 12oz

The second photo was of my first 20lb pike. It weight 22lb 8oz and was caught less than 15yds from the bank.,
Currently getting ready for a long weekend away on the boat for some (hopefully) early season action. Bait is ready, tackle and clothes packed. Just got to wait until Thursday now.

Will let you know how me and "Blankman" get on.



  1. Hi there in what year were they caught ???? think we met you last year on alton we are gonna do another season on there to regards

  2. These are old photo's from the 90's and yes, maybe it was me, its unsual to come across many people on this water.

  3. Yes very true i have only ever seen two others pike fishing it im gonna start my season next week.dont think they are going to open SWP till the 1st nov by the sonund of it spoke to stuart there we have also put our water back a month for the pike fishing which is a good idea hope to catch up with ya on the bank this season