Monday, 13 September 2010

Campaign Ahead

The new piking campaign will soon be upon us, so it is time that the gear is checked to ensure that its all in working order.

The first job was to order new line for the hard working 6000 GTE baitrunners, but after many year of using Berkley Big Game 15lb mono line, I've decided to change to Diawa Sensor 15lb mono line.

The reason is this, over the summer, i been tacking large bream and tench. Now for most of the waters I fish, distance fishing is the key. So when looking for recommendation for 10lb mono for the Diawa Sensor came up a number of times. So I decided to give it ago on the smaller 5000RE Baitrunners and found it spools better and thus leads to more accurate casting. It also seems to have a better hook rate.

So for this years piking, I decided to go for they 15lb line and have spooled up the three 6000GTE baitrunner. The big pit reel will be fitted out with new braid for distance fishing, either by bait boat or as a drifter, but I still looking for a braid that meets my requirement.

What else, well traces have been made using the American Fishing Wire as sold by
Eddie Turner online store, couple with Owner trebles (sizes 6 & 8 generally) from Dave Lumb.
The only major item to get sorted was a new butt ring on the 12ft, 3.25lb TC rod. It seems to have got damaged when put in to storage over the summer. So this was sent to the tackle shop for repair.

Rucksack has had a clear out too, its amazing what get dropped into the void of the bag during the season, only to re-appear at the beginning of the next. This has now been repack and is ready.

Batteries have been changed for the Billys Backbiter Alarms
and these have been tested.

My supply of dead baits has been sorted too,
Baits Direct have sent me hopefully enough bait to last me until the end of December. This will be topped up with fish bought from the supermarket, when it appears. Sardines and small mackerel have started to appear along with the usual herrings and sprats.

In the fridge, we have the usual sea baits Mackerel, Sardines, Smelts, Sprats and Herrings, along with Bluey, Pollan and different coarse baits of roach, Eel and bream.

Pike books will next been on the agenda for re-reading, just to ensure that I'm not going stagnate or missing a trick.

So all in all, bring on the new campaign....


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