Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Catch Cult Edition 1 - Review

Well my copy of Catch Cult arrived in a "something for the weekend" brown envelope and with a great sense of joy it was opened and flicked through.

First impression is that we have a quality angling magazine in my grubby mites.

I have now read every article and it didn't disappoint me, in fact it was better than I expected.

The feel of the magazine is great, every time you pick it up, it has a newness to it, like when you get a new car. The editorial is no nonsense and there is a comfortable amount of advertising in it which in most publications is now the main focus of the publications.

The writers are mostly guys ones that I have heard of from my days as editor of the pike pool, from other magazines or books, but some are untried and fresh. The articles that stood out for me was
from the stables of Danny Taylor and John Costello, whom really went to town and produced exceptional pieces of angling literature.

One thing, is it a magazine or is it a book? No its both its a magbook, the readers digest of angling publications. Not as high brow as Fallons Anglers, and not tacky or over run with adverts like some of the mainstream publications, but a happy balance of quality articles, nicely places adverts and stunning pieces from a various angling disciplines.

Looking forward to edition 2 already, so a big well done to Messrs Shallcroft and Mumby.

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