Thursday, 7 April 2016

Wrong Ratio

The Easter break was a chance to get the rods out for the early season tench and after the usual morning duties I was soon driving through the lane to get to the lake.

After loading the barrow and pushing it along the muddy path, I was soon next to the lake and contemplating the choice of swim. Alas, my favourite tinca swim was taken by another angler, so plan B was put into action, have a chat with another carper to see what joy they may have had before deciding on plan C

So, with plan C hatched, I pushed the barrow to last weekends spot.

First jobs first, mixing up the ground bait for rod one and spodding the particle mix out on rod two.

Once this messy task was done and the usual rigs were placed out over the top it was time for breakfast (porridge) and the cuppa to start off they day. The morning was mild for March and there was a real sense that spring was around the corner, the male pheasants were fighting on the hill, the buzzard was using the thermals to get to a heady height and the green woodpeckers were whooping at each other from opposing trees.

The blissful sound were then disturbed by the bleeping of an alarm and the bobbin rose to the rod before the baitrunner started to tick over. No need to strike a fish was on, but alas soon the plod, plod of a blank saving bream was felt on the end of the line.

This was soon netted,unhooked and returned.

The rod was swiftly rebaited and recast, but I struggle to attach the bobbin as it kept lifting to the rod and falling of. Errrh you muppet fish on and after a not so long tussle another slab came to the net.

The early morning drifted on with the feeder being recast frequently to top up the swim. This paid off and shortly after 9am the alarm single tone and the baitrunner was spinning. Certainly no slab and with a spirited fight an small tench came to the net.

Unfortunately this lovely tench had a damaged bottom jaw and whilst it seemed to be feeding, it did seem abit thin for its length. Otherwise it was in good health and was soon slipped back.

The rest of the morning was spent unhooking slabs in the 3-5lb bracket and by lunch I decided to switch to new area's and fish single baits with pva bags of offerings. Alas the photo summed up the afternoon.

Its been a case of, warm enough for fish to feed, but not the species I want to catch. So I do I carry on with this venue for another few weeks with similar ratios' or do I switch to the harder venues?

Will see what the weekend brings.

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