Wednesday, 23 September 2015


This specimen roach fishing is starting to get under my skin and with autumn rapidly coming upon use, those predators may have to wait awhile.

 I was out again for another crack at the reservoir roach with the aim of catching more 1lb+ specimens with the vain hope of breaking the 2lb bracket.

I learnt that there is no rush to get out for the roach and that they will generally feed sporadically though the day switching on and off.

I arrived on my chosen spot and as the sun rose I had time to walkabout to find a swim I fancied fishing for the day. There was virtually no wind on the waters surface and I found it hard to decided whether to fish my regular swim or try a new one. I chose that latter and soon started the ritual of setting up everything in sequence.

Soon it was time to catapult out the ground bait out and in quick time ten ball were deposited into a area around 10ft deep. The rods were already setup and the first feeders full were cast out whilst the kettle boiled.

The morning was warm, but slightly overcast and the sun broke thought the wispy clouds to show that the waters surface was alive with topping roach. I sat with breakfast in my hand and just watched as the roach topped as far as the eye could see.

It didn't take long for the roach to home in on the baited area and just as I was downing the last of the first brew of the day, the bobbins started to do a little dance.

The first strike was met with a nice bend of the avon and soon a roach was in the hand and unhooked.

At just under a pound and a half it was a welcome first fish.

Lots more small roach followed in the morning and afternoon but nothing of any size and soon it was time for home.


  1. Love seeing that "East Midlands stillwater" on the blog, hope those lovely roach get stronger and stronger. It's a great place.

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