Monday, 27 July 2015


A small window of nice weather saw me getting out with the feeder rod at the weekend for a few hours.

After lobbing in a few balls of groundbait, I set about the task of enjoy just being out for a few hours next to the river.

Bites came quickly but most were just rattles of the tip by small roach and even with the 1oz tip and size 18 hook I was struggling to connect.

The wise old river owl next to me came over to offer some advice rig and soon have me changing from my standard paternoster feeder rig to running ledger rig. Rattles became bites and I soon had a handful of small roach and skimmers.

With only and an hour of my session left, I decided to change the double bronzer to a small worm to see if I could increase size of the fish.

Bite came less frequently, but the stamp of fish increased and I finished up with a nice mixed bag.

Sadly no camera was packed, so I only took one shot on the phone.

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