Thursday, 16 July 2015

Getting the "Fix"

Decided to go out on the river for a couple of hours last night to get the "fix" I have longed for, for several weeks.
Even thought I have still immersed myself in angling stuff for the last few weeks with blog updates for others and catching up with correspondence on burning angling issues, nothing gives you the same fix or hit as getting out on a river or lake with the rod

So armed with the UL gear, a bottle of water and a couple of snack bar I headed out for a section of river I'd not fished for a while and certainly not with any real conviction with small lures.

I parked up in the modest car park and grabbed the gear along with the bailiff's card and penalty book and headed off.

First swim was a shallow section where the cows that graze the meadow have created a shallow edge and have created a refuge for this years fry.
I clipped on a HRT small fry crankbait and started casting about the edges. I could feel the lure hopping along through weed and silt from the shadows of the trees and into the light were with the polaroid's I could clearly see the micro predators following it it.

It didn't take long before one of the bigger predators in the shoal to take a liking to the lure.

Good fun on light gear and a welcome sight on a warm barmy evening.

Couple more cast brought a micro pike into the area and whilst he had a couple of hits at the lure, he did stay on long.

Couple for spots tried and lots of micro pike about, must have been a good year for the pike along with dace and roach, plenty of perch too and before long a shoal turn onto the feed and snaffled the crankbait.

I could bore you with loads of picture of the 6oz perch, but I won't. The 2hrs soon passed by and I must have ended up with a dozen perch, a few micro pike and a couple of chub to boot.

Must do this again soon.

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