Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Not going out

Been stuck indoors for the last couple of weeks due to fitting new kitchen at home.

True Crucian or Hybrid?
Did plan to get on out the magical 16th June, but alas plans were scuppered and I spend the evening in the same room.

With time on my hands and a new project to look at, I made a big effort to do more work on a new blog for the Association of Crucian Anglers (ACA).

The blog is to be used to highlight the plight of the humble Crucian and keep both ACA members and other interested parties up to date with Crucian conservation projects.

The poor old Crucian you see is being hybridised by misplaced stocking of other carp types and brown goldfish. This leads to Crucian Carp hybrid and Crucian Brown Goldfish hybrids.

Here is a link to the Association of Crucian Anglers blog and to Peter Rolfe Crucian website

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