Sunday, 28 June 2015

Just Another Day in Paradise

Woke up later than planned and rushed out of the house to the lake. Arrived to find now one there, which wasn't surprising considering it was a Monday.

Decided to fish a different swim for a change and soon had the ground bait mixed up and started to catapult ten balls out for starters.

Brought the dedicated method feeder rods in stead of the new tench rod, which whilst can lob a loaded feeders out, they not really designed for that.

Soon three rods were out and I was enjoying the sights sounds and cornflakes with a cuppa.

The morning was coo, dull and the breeze was into my face with a hint of rain in the air so the brolly went up just in case. It wasn't just me having brekkie, but also the grebes and terns. The ground bait has started to break down and had the roach fizzing over the baited area. The grebes and terns were using this to their advantage and soon I have about half a dozen diving around the baited area and disturbing the Delkims.

It was good to see the volume of fry and small fish the grebes and terns were catching and soon they had their fill and drifted off.

After and hour, the baits needed freshening up and in turn they were retrieved, re baited and cast back out.

The roach then started to nibble at the baits and the bobbins started to dance, nothing really worth hitting and soon they lost interest. The first fish to roll in front of me wasn't a tench or bream however, but a pike. Explains the roach doing a fast exist.

Another hour passed and the corn baited rod was away, but I fumbled with the baitrunner and struck into thin air.

The real corn had been sucked off of the hair and there was slim up the line, good sign, but would I get another chance.

Luckily, I did, and the corn was away again and soon a musculur bream was in the net.

The day was warm and humid and I found myself unsettle and pacing the swim, I was eager to get he bream to feed hard but with the conditions getting warmer, I was starting to feel that I should have arrived even earlier than I did.

Midday came and went and the day got warmer, alas this had a dire affect on the fishing and even the roach bites disappeared.

I struggle to keep my attention on the task at hand, and started to tinker with rigs etc when I didn't really need to. As the afternoon pasted, even the slightest feeling that the bream would feed faded away, and I packed up and headed for home.

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