Wednesday, 22 October 2014


For the first time in along while, I was filled with a wild excitement and with a ting of uncertainty for the day ahead.

It wasn't because I was fishing a new water, it wasn't because I was trying a new method, but it was because for the first time I was heading to boat fish with the possibility that I maybe the only one on the water.

In year gone by, I have been dabbling with boat fishing. Normally it been with a friends who either own a boat or we've hired one. This time around, I was the skipper, deck hand and solo angler in the boat.

It's been a long process from this time last year then I set my sights on pastures new and set out on a personnel quest to start fishing for a boat. To say its been a learning curve is an understatement, the cost of the components needs is quite high, but after a year of something borrowed, something new and something blue, I finally achieved the first goal which was to get afloat alone under my own steam.
So with the car packed with motors, anchors and of course tackle I headed out for the drive to the lake. The forecast wasn't great, but having taken advise from seasoned anglers I was mindful of the conditions and where and where not to fish as the conditions deteriorated. Upon arrive it was quiet and after loading the gear in the boat, checking that everything fired up and was working I pushed off from the dock and out into the broad. An overwhelming sense of tranquillity immediately fell upon me and with some gusto I motored off to find a place to anchor up.

The broad was alive with activity as the sun started to rise on the horizon and the broad awoke with sights and sounds. Kingfishers whizzing along the banks, grebes diving for their breakfast and a solitary harrier circling overhead. The air was electric with life and I was at one with my surroundings. Soon I have arrived at the first point, mudweights were lowered and the baits were in the water. With the wind behind me, it seemed an idea opportunity to let a drifter float work its magic and catch the wind, whilst I lure fished in the gaps between the other two rods.

After an hour and with nothing showing, a move was in order order, so I up sticks and motored off to another inviting spot. Boat fishing allows a greater easy to up sticks an move as opposed to bank fishing and the ease in which I can move from spot to spot is refreshing.

With the move came so activity on the lure and after a couple of cast of a raider, the lure was hit by a jack, it hung on for a while before shedding the hooks at the boat.
On the very next cast the raider was hammered again and another jack followed suit jumping and thrashing about, and again it managed to shake its self free before I could pick it out by the boat. I don't mind jacks unhooking themselves, save me a job.

I stayed in this spot for an hour or more, whilst having a break from the lures and letting the baits do there thing. The wind was increasing and the drifter started to move at speed away from the boat.

After many mores and not even the slightest hint of a fish being remotely interested in bait or lure, I called it a day and motored back into the wind for home.

Whilst it was not a great day, it was useful fact/depth finding visit and hopefully the pike will be in a better mood next time.

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