Friday, 1 August 2014

Out with the family

Today was to be a short session with the nephew to catch as many fish as possible. So after a trip to the tackle shop to buy a small 4m whip for him. We ended up getting a lovely pole made by Middy for under 20 quid and also purchased some made up pole rigs.

So with the tackle purchased we headed of to a local lake. We soon parked up and soon was were on the bank. I quickly rigged up the pole and soon had my nephew fishing with the new pole.

It didn't take long for him to catch his first rudd of the day, this was to prove to be one of may along with small roach and perch.

With my nephew happily catching small bait size fish, I decided that I'd snaffle one for the perch rod.

Soon I had a lovely 3" dead rudd out on a paternoster on the far bank and this was set up on an alarm.

So back to the tiddler bashing with the nephew, but after an hour the perch rod was away. After a decent scrap this lovely 2lb 4oz perch graced the net. "What a whopper!!"my nephew exclaimed.

Not bad for a two hour session tiddler bashing session.


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