Monday, 28 April 2014

Learning a Lesson

 Sunday was a bright day, but the temperature was cool with the easterly wind not ideal tench weather. So with only a narrow window to fish, I decided that a day on the perch water was in order.

Perch are becoming one of my favourite species and this small water is becoming a challenge. It contains lots of silver fish and carp, but its main predator is the perch and they seem to grow large on the mass of food.

An early morning run along the lanes yielded very little in the way of wildlife, or was it I was just in a hurry and didn't actually notice it (?). 

Soon I was in the car park of the lake with another angler. After a brief chat, we parted our ways and headed off to either ends.

I'd brought three rod out with me, the avons and the new Shimano Beastmaster UL rod. But it was the avons that were baited up with lobworms on running rigs and cast one to the far bank and the other tucked up along the margin. 
Groundbait laced with chopped worm and maggots was placed over and around the rigs and I settled back in the chair to enjoy the sound of the dawn chorus.
The lake had a calming feel about it and all around me the wildlife was making its presents.

The noisy geese that seem to have taken over the lake were even noisier than usual and a group had goslings in tow.

With early morning turning to mid morning with nothing to show for by endeavours, I decided a change was in order. One of the leger rigs was changed over to a float and this was set to just touch bottom in the margin. This was baited with double reds and swing out.
The maggots had hardly started to sink before they were attacked by small, gold flanked rudd.
Soon one of this impaled its self on the hook and they second plan was hatch.

The other untouched bait was brought in and quickly changed over to large chubber float to which a size 6 hook was attached. Bait, once guess, yes the rudd.

Rudd plus chubber was soon out in the left hand margin and I continued to fish for a few more bait sized rudd.

With a few rudd set aside for bait, a worm replaced the maggot and soon a slow steady bite ensure and a small tench found its way to the net.

This was quickly returned and another worm placed on the hook. This soon was snaffled up on the drop and the first perch of the day was landed.

The rudd on the chubber remained untouched along and with prospects of nothing elese materialising on the other float, the new lure rod was put into action.

After going through a number of lures with little joy. As small spoon was hit close to the bank, but this dropped off soon after being hooked. The very next cast and another hit and a perch found its way to the net. Nothing huge, but very welcome on a slow day.

The rudd under the chubber float started to move and dip. Soon this was bopping across the surface and was away towards the a submersed branch.

The fish was strong and was taking line and after seeing it was my quarry, I applied pressure to stop it getting into the snag. It was too late, the perch had gotten into the confines of the branches and was wedged in there. I continued to apply pressure but to no avail, so decided to slacken off to see it if would swim out.
After several minutes, I wound up the slack to find that the rig had come free from the snag, but alas the bait had been spat out by the perch.

I continued with a fresh rudd under the float and the spoon. Nothing else came to the 4" rudd, but a nice perch of just under a pound did fall to a lure to finish off the session.

Whilst it was frustrating to loss a monster from the lake, it did open my eyes to the potential of the place and also the way I need to target it.


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