Thursday, 21 March 2013

River Season & Lures

The river season 2012/13  has finished and I for one am itching to get back out on the rivers on 16 June.

It feels as thought I have unfinished business with the river this year due to the amount of weeks I've lost to flooding and poor weather. The rivers have been either in flood, receding and coloured or ultra low each nearly unfishable. Then when the river has been prime condition, I've been at work, typical.

On the plus side, when I have been out I caught a few, mostly on lures bounced along the bottom, 6" Manns shads with 21g jig head being my favourite lure, followed closely by some midi S and Abu Tormentor.

Lure fishing has become more and more appealing to me over the last year, and of late lure fishing in the depths of winter. It been quite surprising that I managed to land more fish on lures than on deadbaits, and some of the pike have been of a good stamp.
The only draw pack is that I been caught with the lure bug and with the cost of each lure being from a fiver upwards, this obsession could bankrupt me!!

Of late, a new roving landing new has been bought, a nice Savage Gear XL folding net, this will of course double up as a boat net too, so its a worthwhilte investment.
I've also upgraded the rod too, a 2nd hand Savage Gear Bushwacker XLNT 15-50g 8ft which when bought was in  fact new and still had the wrapping on the handle. This rod is defiantly a upgrade over the old Shimano rod, which whilst being adequate for the occasional lure session wasn't quite up to the job for a seasoned lured angler.

MH Custom Lure - Special pattern

The lure box has also been filled with must colourful off the peg delights from Abu, Rapala, Storm etc, but it has also seen the addition of some handmade custom lure from the stable of Mark Houghton (MH Custom Lures)

Another fish on Marks' lures

Mark is an talented lure craftsman and of late has managed to get his lures in some European tackle shops


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