Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Out and About

MH Custom Lure
So I have a few days off in order to celebrate my birthday, and what better way to do that than have a spot of fishing.

So with the sun shining and the birds signing, I headed off to my local for a wander to see what was happening. The usual spots were busy with twitchers and cyclist, so I headed off to a secluded spot for some peace and quiet.

I took with me my usual medium lure gear that now taken up residency in the study for a quick escape. But there were a couple of new additions in the lure box from MH Custom Lures .

As I pulled up in the car park, the cars thermometer had risen to a heady 22 deg C. Not ideal, but a pleasant change from the rain we have been having.

The water level are very high and I glad I had the wellies on, but I could have done with some type of waders to get through the water side trees and weed beds. After looking at a couple of spot, I decided to cast a lure into the water. The first out of the box was an old favourite, the Shakespeare Midi S plug.

MH Custom Lure - Special Pattern for me!!!

As it was bright and sunny, the colourful lure that i would generally use would not be very appealing, so I opted for one of the silver and black patterns.

After a dozen cast, nothing was happening, so one of the surface lure was put onto the trace to see if they pike would hit surface lure yet.
Fish on!
Nothing was happening, so I upped sticks and headed off to one of the deeper bays.

The water was alive with activity, the Common Terns were shrieking over head and a couple of Egyptian Geese were honking at each other. Thee were lost of fluffy ducklings and cootlings in scooting about the bays. I wonder how many will make it over the coming weeks.

Another Midi S capture
The swim I wanted to fish, was under about 4ft of water, so I had to settle for one and more popular swim. The surface lure was worked over the bay for 10 mins, but nothing fell to its surface popping and splashing. So a change was in order, back on with a Midi S pattern, black/silver scale pattern. this was worked around the bay and over the marginal shelf. In the third retrieve a jack pike followed at some distance and hung back as  I reeled the trace through the top eye of the rod. The lure was lifted clear and was recast. The jack again followed, but didn't take. It sort of like the lure, but not quite enough to take it. The midi S was changed for a similar size and colouring, but without the scaly pattern. Bang!!!! Fish on (Sorry Mr Wade).

After a short tussle, a angry jack came to my hand and was soon picked out of the water. Only about 3lb, just a lively little thing.

The jack was soon unhooked and returned. It slunk off under a sunken tree to sulk.

I wandered about for a couple of hours and had some more follows from small jacks, but they were not interested in my lures really.

Hope they are more interest come Sunday


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