Monday, 30 April 2012

Oh Knickers!!

The old say is "Oh what sights you do see when you haven't got a gun!!", well it certainly was a quick draw or for appropriately a throng.
It stopped raining yesterday at last, so this was my chance to get out with a rod, I didn't care which rod its was as long as I could fish for a while.
The lure rucksack and rod were quickly shoved into the car and I was off for a few hours to the local water. The weather was still a mixed bag, but it was warm and even with the breeze. 
I decided that I would have a dash to the top part of the lake to fish new areas. When I say new, what I mean areas of the water I normally fish with dead baits in the winter. So with eveything I needed either on my back on in my hand I took the long walk to the first are that interested me.

I opened the lure box and did spy some of the new selection of lures that now adorn them.

Have become a bit of a lure fanatic and have been purchasing a wide selection of topwater, deep drivers and spoons from a variety of suppliers.

On such supply was selling the classic 1970/80's Shakespeare S plugs. I had purchased three mid S plugs in two colours, silver/black and silver black cheque. These lures were something in years gone by have catch me a fair few pike, but normally the size I would have bought were the Big S in roach pattern.

Anyhow, I attached the silver/black to the trace and started to cast the lure in a arch pattern across the area of interest. On the second cast my attention was drawn to a splashing in the weed on the far side. Moments later, a second splash was spied on a second area of the weed.
I continued to cast in the arch and then the lure was hit. The light lure rod was bent over nicely and soon a nice jack was coming closer in the crystal clear water. The fight had been dull whilst it was way from the bank, but as soon as he saw me he woke up.

After a close quarters tussle he was soon gloved out unhooked and returned. However, it seem that in the last week, one of the big girls has taken a liken to him, as he had a huge bite mark across his flanks.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to me and I get out for the pike, but using the topwater lures soon.


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