Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ice, Ice Baby

There are just some jobs at the end of the season that need to be done in order to maintenance a appyhfishing/life balance.

I'm luck enough to have a under counter bait freezer at home. It is seasonally filled up with various types of deadbaits in the Autumn, frozen sweetcorn and pre-prepared hemp in the spring.

But in between these seasonal changes of bait in the freezer, it has to be defrosted and cleaned to remove the smelly opened yellowing deadbaits and the pungent fluid that leaks from the defrosted packages when I've come back from a piking session.

So with no fishing on the cards today (I was meant to be bream fishing, but lack of sleep prevented this) and the other home job done and dusted, it only left this smelly and messy job to do.

Luckily for me there wasn't too much ice build up and after some scrapping and chipping, the freezer was eventually defrosted, cleaned and sorted out.

All the old bait is now residing on the bed of the pond in an area that is not accessible to any anglers. So to all the pike that I've chased this season, enjoy the free meal being the sigs get them.

Pike Pool

The pike pool is going from strength to strength and the quality of the articles seem to be getting better and stronger.

In order to get more viewers (even though of late we have been getting 4000 view a month) we have taken the plunged and taken the pike pool to facebook. So hopefully, by moving with the times and by opening the pike pool up to the users of facebook, we will be able to allow more people to read the wonderful article that the pike pool team and authors publish on a weekly bases.

 So to all you facebookers, look up the pike pool page and enjoy!!


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