Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cast for Life Charity Open Match - Results & Thanks

Thank you to all who fished, helped, bought raffle tickets or simply donated money or prizes to the event. It was a great success and was a sell out for the match.

My aim was to raise £500.00 , that we did. Infact we obliterated it with a total raised to date of £851.00

The results of the match were:

1st Liam Darler 84lb 6oz
2nd Taylor Thorpe 83lb 11oz
3rd Les Cook 46lb 8oz

Biggest Fish Bob Fuller - Mirror Carp 10lb 2oz

Randon Peg - Sophie Williams

Junior Winner (16 and under) - Adam Overett

Section Winners

Alex Gissing - Sec 1
Peter Bank - Sec 2
Darren Clark - Sec 3
Bob Fuller - Sec 4
Rob Ledger - Sec 5

A huge thank you to Stuart Mills at SWP for donating the lake and the 2 SWP Shirts, and huge thank you to Mark at SWP and my wife for selling so many raffle tickets on the day.

An a special thanks to Craig who worked hard running the banks with me and weighting in the sections.

Hope we can do something like this again next year....

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  1. Nice one Jason. Will chuck you a tenner for the pot when I see you again. to answer an earlier question, saturday night is the big one for the convention. ATB