Thursday, 21 July 2011

Here's the science bit

Ok, is been a busy time of late, but not actually fish, but its has involved fish.

Firstly, I have finally written a pike movement and growth rate study methodology. This have been reviewed by a couple of guys who have a wealth of knowledge in this area and I thank Steve Ormrod and Nevillie Fickling for reviewing my document and giving me great advice. Thanks gents.

The study will be conducted over three years and I hope to produce some interesting data on pike in stillwaters. I won't say much more, as I have written a piece for an edition of P.A.C Pikelines.

Secondly, I have been prompted to investigate the effects of ferric sulphate dosing on fish fry. This practise on common for getting clear water, but it does have a knock on affect.

I have sort advise from a fishery expert and they have advise that....
"The impacts on fish in most water bodies appear to be indirect. By reducing the dissolves phosphate, the process removes the key nutrient for many submerged water plants, most notably suspended algae (which turn the water green or greeny-brown in the warmer months). Indeed, this is the main reason why ferric dosing is used. Suspended algae are prey to small zooplankton which themselves are eaten by fish, especially fish fry. It follows that if these microscopic organisms are not in ample supply for newly-hatched fish, their survival will be greatly reduced through starvation. The effects are likely to be most noticeable with roach and bream as their offspring are very dependant on such zooplankton. Clear-water fisheries might look good but they do not usually make good ‘silver fish’ fisheries!"

I have approached the owners of the fishery with this and other evidence. I hope that I can have a meeting with them to look at alternative methods for getting crystal clear water.

Finally, I've been collecting prizes for my charity event on the 13 August for Cancer Research UK. I have some top prizes for the event and the anglers who are signed up could walk away with some tasty prizes from the leading tackle manufacturers and providers..

Better now get some fishing in, so TL for now.

PS Finally the fishery minister is looking into the cormorant if you want to see a change in the law re controlling the black death, please sign the petition

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