Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Not a lot to report, haven't been fishing for a few weeks now bar an quickie lure session which was uneventful.

Lost my mojo you see and until Sunday evening it had not returned. You have got to want to go fishing and not just go for the sake of it or you will end up resenting it. Been very tired of late and the thought of dragging myself out of bed and hauling gear to the bank filled me with dread. But that's all behind me now. Onwards and upwards

It hasn't all be bad though, as the greenhouse is built and plants have moved in for the home one. The old one has been taken over by the cats Buster and Spike. Both are climbers and love to claw there way up the perspex sheet and perch on top.
Also got the garden tidied and most exiting of all purchased a new pike rod from Dave Lumb, a BB350 for the coming autumn/winter campaign.

Sorted the dead bait freezer ready for the re-stock in August and will be looking to purchase new line and bits so I'm already for the season ahead

Plan is to get on on Saturday, not sure where or for what yet, but this time I am looking forward to it.


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