Monday, 18 April 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Bream

Saturday came around ultra quick after only a couple of days work.

 The previous weekend and begin of the week had been spent walking the foothill of Sterling and Falkirk. Hill walk is another passion of mine, but I never get to do enough of it as my number one passion fishing gets the nod ahead of it.

Anyhow, I arrived at 7ish down my local bream water in search of my first decent bream of the campaign. Condition were just about spot on and the mist was rising of of the water like spirit ascending back to the sky.
 I soon parked up overlook the water and quickly spotted  large numbers of rolling humps in the water. There they blown. The bream were up and about even if they were at 150yds plus, but at least they were showing themselves and the water was black with them.

I quickly parked up and decided to head along the water to a narrowing on the lake. The thought being that whilst on their patrol route the bream would have to pass by me during the day. I quickly mixed up the spod mix and now with the standard rocket spodded about 10 spod loads out about 60-70 yrds out on a bar.

After letting the swim rest for about 1/2, the marked rod went out and the two rods were baited up and cast out the area that I'd baited up. Baits for today were worn and red maggot combo and 1/2 popped up Esterberry boillies. I sat back with a cuppa and waited.
I did not have to wait too long before the fish moved in and the bobbin started to move slowly. Twitchy pulls on the worm, probably from small roach or skimmer bream.

After an hour of no clear bites, both baits were reeled in baits check, and recast out. Within second of them hitting the deck the twitchy bites started up again.

By 11.00am it started to warm up and I was soon down to a t-shirt and the lakes was mirror calm. The bubbles on the baited area diminished and I started to sense that the large bream had gone the other way....rats!!!!

 Line bites continued for the another hour of so and as the water temperature rose the line bites stopped. So my mind started to wonder on other other things like the bugs and the birds who were keeping me company on this fine spring day.

I had spotted a frisky stoat hopping along towards me in search of some thing tasty like a rabbit or hare. But upon seeing m nestling in the chair with a cuppa, he soon high tailed it back into the bushes.

Next was this warbler bird. No sure what it was, but I think it is a Dunnock. Small brownish bird, but with a beautiful song to it.

Next was a small brown bug, again not sure what it was but I think from my fly fish days it was caddisfly. Apart from that saw my first house martins of the year and some of the black and white tufted ducks that frequent this water in the summer.

So apart for he bugs, bird and mammals the rest of the day was quite and I packed up early. I think next time it will have to be either a dark dawn assault or an adventure into the twilight hours.....

TL for now

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