Friday, 29 April 2011

Oh Fuzzy Ducks!!!

Today was the last day of three contrasting days of fishing for me. One was a disaster, one was hard graft and finally the enjoyable day.

Tuesday saw me going in search of Bream on my home water. The Bream shoals in this place are spectaular when they are up on the surfacing rolling on a misty morning. Tuesday was one of those days and on my arrival to the swim, that I've been baiting up for weeks, I was hopeful of a good day. But there was a weird creaking noise every now and again.

Marker float was sent out and the area was freshened up with a few spods of particles, corn and pellets. Then the baits rods when out, minus some of my favourite baits though. Worm.....

I have gotten my local tackle shop to hold some medium size worm back over the weekend, as I had a thought that every man and his dog would be out in force over the long weekend. And they were.

The worms I did get were in a sorry state and really not worth bothering with as they were in that mussy stage, before they turn into liquid.

Anyway, rods went out with halibut hard pellet on one rod and red maggot on the other.

The morning was uneventful and I was ponding what to do next. A crack, followed but what can only be like both barrels of a shotgun at one time. It scared the willies out of me and I jumped up from the chair in time to see the limb of the tree, which was next to my rods, break off and plummet into the water across the swim.

Oh golly gosh!!!! I said aloud. 6 weeks of baiting up out of the window in one fail swoop. I would need a chainsaw and a tractor to sort this one out.

After a rather poor attempt in moving the rather large branch, I decided enough was enough and packed up for the day.

After Tuesday's disaster, Idecided to play safe and headed to the decoy lakes for a spot of general fishing for anything that swam.
I arrived early 5ish, set up a ledger rod with esterberry boillies for the carp and the float rod for everything else.

I plummeted the margins, set the float to touch bottom and started to feed little and often to get the larger roach and bream into the swim. After an hour the first true bite came and a roach of 6oz was soon in my hand. This was soon followed by skimmers and Rudd, but nothing of any great size took an interest in the bait.

I opted for a change of swims and headed over to the far side were the lilies were peaking through and re plummeted. This swim was alot shallower and I hoped that the bigger fish were hold up under the lilies now that the sun was out in full force.

The first bite in the new swim came quickly and a Bream of about 1lb had snaffled the casters. This was soon followed by skimmers and some roach, and by the end of the day I had scratch around for about 10lb of fish. Not a disaterer, but tiddler bashing was not really what I had hoped for. By late afternoon I'd had enough and packed up.

Today, I head back to my favourite water. Not for the Bream, but for a mornings luring with me old mate Craig.

Upon arrival, it soon became apparent why the Bream were not in the mood for food on the Tuesday. They were in the mood for Love!!!!
Yep, the shallows were full of Bream. These were the early arrivals and they were cruising about and occasionally splashing as the males chased off their rivals. Bang goes that for a while.

Anyhow, today we were after pike on the lures. I had about 4 hours to play with, while that wedding thingy was going on in London. You know the one that all the right minded males didn't want to watch on TV.

Craig and I were adamant that we would be no were near a TV today, so instead we wandered the banks in search of areas to fish. This was truly hard as the water level was at least 4ft up from the normal level for this time of the year, so we were limited on were we could fish.

After a walk and a number of casts and lure changes, I had a take, but no sooner was it on, but it was off. Recast, bang and this time its on. After a short scrap, a small jack was in my hands.

Now Craig will say I poached this fish, but in reality, I did what he couldn't do. Catch it.

We walk for another hour or so, before I ran out of time. The fishing was hard, due to the high water level and I probably would have benifited from chest wader, but alas, I don't have any. So I will just have to resign myself to the fact at least I wangled one out.

I should get out more with the lure, as I thoughly love it. Perhaps I give it a go on one of the other local water in the coming weeks.


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