Thursday, 11 November 2010

Looking forward not back

Its 8ish on Thursday and that's how excited I am about pike fishing this weekend.

The weather looks smelly, but me and Blankman have only one window of fishing available to us for the weekend.

So the gear is out and ready for a early morning started.

It been a quiet period personsally since my last outing, but the local grapevine has been rumbling about a couple of decent fish coming for waters that I don't normally fish. Now most will be thing that's where we will be heading for the weekend, but we not.

Its nice to fish commercial water once in a while, but looking at the amount of hammering them have had since they have opened, I fear for the fish. But it not my water and I understand that they are out for make money to keep them running.

They have brought in new set of rules which hopefully will mean that only experience and well equipped for these fragile fish.

Looking on the PAC site, it looks like my hero ET Eddie Turner) has returned to the forums, I hope he's not chased away by ignorance person. From what I've read and heard from guys who know him personally he's a top bloke and is willing to help us lesser pike anglers. If I was followed around like he gets with 30lb pike, I would be a very happy angler.

Nice to see you back ET, if you ever fancy a quiet days fishing, pm me mate.

No to the rest of us mere mortal, its to the weekend we look forward too and I hope the weather isn't going to be too bad in your various locations.


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