Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Lands far Away

Back from sunny Malta.......boy was it hot, 30+ plus Deg C on the beach and a sea temperate of 25 Deg C.

The family flew from Gatwick last Tuesday for a weeks R&R and boy did we need it after the 3 day wedding, The wedding was pretty uneventful as wedding goes, but spread over 3 days, and which started on 6am on a Friday and finished when we got home at 1:30am on the Monday it was long.

So off to the airport, nice easy run at 2am in the morning and after a quick park and ride, followed by a super quick check in we were lokking around the shops in duty free.

Now for sometime I've been after an underwater camera from the snorkeling, but alas they have usually been big bulky and expensive bits of kit. Not any more. Price are rock bottom and there is quite a choice on the market.

Any much deliberation and a nice friendly nudge from my wife and the Dixon salesperson, I purchased a Fuji film Finepix XP10.

With its 5 x optical zoom, 12mp and a 2.7" LCD screen it looked the part. While only having an operating depth of 3m underwater, it is more than enough coupled with the zoom for snorkeling.

So having parted with the dosh, the camera was safely pack into the hand luggage await its first use.....

After arrival and the usual day 1 of getting our bearing, 2 day swiftly arrived and the snorkeling commenced.......

Lots of lovely fish on off, Grey Mullet, Flying Gurnard, Skipjacks etc.....

Also on my walks around the rocky shores saw a number of men fishing. In Malta shore fishing is done with a pole and float setup with the simplest of bait......mashed bread.....the mullet which is the main catch, love it and I even managed to gets some shots of them in actions....

We did the normal touristy things of going into Valetta, visited Comino bay (very rocky tourist trap).......saw a couple of church, read books (recommend Cry of the Sloth by Sam Savage, he also a book about a rat called Firmin) and generally lounged about catching the sun and eating and drinking.....

How I'm back in reality, it struck me this morning that I have not done any fishing for nearly a whole month!!!!!. I think I should put that right on Friday, then the boy is back at school and the wife is at work.

Tomorrow is out of the question, do to a number of things, 1) carpet for spare room is being fitted, 2) glazing man is coming to give a quote and finally 3) the winters pike deadbaits are arriving, after placing my order this morning, result!!!! (Thanks everyone at Baits Direct).

Will update you all on Fridays fishing once I decided where to go and what to go for.

TL for now!!!!!

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