Thursday, 19 August 2010

Holiday is coming

Well today is the last day of work........

Off on holiday for the next two weeks, which include a 3 day wedding, a week in Malta and then a few days to myself.
As have not done any fishing for ages due to the family having a wedding on during the month. All my patience's and efforts has been going into ensuring that my wife stays sane......

After this weekends wedding, we off to sunny Malta for a weeks R&R on the Med. I'm not sure if I'm taking the travel rod (ET 4 pc Sneaker with Abu Max baitcaster 20lb braid) with me, but the snorkeling gear is already packed along with a underwater camera.

On the pike season planning stage. I've been getting the gear ready for the upcoming Piking season, with a initial trip to the Broads for a long weekend and then 5 days of fishing my local water in early October.

This summer, I've been to making my own Pike floats, 6" long dowel (15mm dia) rounded off, painted black with different coloured tops and a brass eyelet screwed into the bottom.

Tested the prototypes over the summers on a marker rod set out and am convinced the the finished float design is more than suitable for the piking campaign. Its also alot cheap, a pike float costs between £2.00 - £3.50, mine works out at 40p!!!!!! So a long of savings are to be had.

Bait boat has not been finished, so close but yet so far. Hopefully after being pointed in the right directions on some materials for the hopper, I get her out in September. She's water tight, just not got the bait release sorted. My mock up works, just need to build it in a better material that an old washing tablet box.

TL for now.....

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