Sunday, 22 December 2013

Slow Day

My pike fishing has been some what scaled back this autumn, with a couple of boat session and a couple of bank session all that I have managed to muster.

I was out with a good friend on Sunday and whilst I enjoyed the company, I was left somewhat disappointed.

The venue is well know to me now and I have managed to catch other species from the lake over the summer, but the pike have been somewhat elusive in the autumn

I arranged to meet my fellow piker on the banks before dawn, in reality I actually managed to get out on the bank before him.

The darkness soon lifted and the most magical of morning was upon me. The sky was clear and bright and the birds were full of song.

The day was a static bait day, on a swim close to where the summer tench and bream fishing had taken place on.

The water was fizzing with topping fish and the occasional crashing carp.

The baits were position at various distance and depths across the lake and each were baited with oily offerings

My fellow piker soon arrived and quickly setup his gear, which included a waggler rod.

The early morning was uneventful and the fishing was hard going, but as the warmth soon wrapped around our faces, the silver fish started to feed and the waggler rod saw some action.

11:30 came and after a recast the mackerel baited rod was away and the sound of the backbiter pieced the quietness of the bank side tea party. Upon picking up the rod and winding down, it quickly became apparent that the fish had dropped the bait. Bugger! But undeterred, the bait was left and the drop off arm re-attacted.

Another hour passed and the same bait was away with line peeling from the spool. I picked up the rod, wound down felt a fish and leaned back. The rod bend over solidly for a few seconds, before springing back. Stronger words than of bugger were then used. The rig was reeled in and the mackerel was gone, so the pike did have the bait in its mouth, but the hooks failed to hold.

1:30pm came with another I need to tell you what happened?????!!!!!

4pm soon came and with the light fading, so did my session come to an end.

ps no camera :-(

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