Friday, 19 October 2012


Been in the market for some new wellies after the last pair of Town & County boots, which like the faithful Hunters, couldn't handle even a year of trudging the banks.

So where could I have gone, Hunter, Skeetet, Dunlop or even a pair of le Chameau.

Well I look at loads, but none seemed to fit the bill of an all rounder, but after a recommendation from a friend, I started to look at Muckboots.

Muckboot Co have been around for about 12 years and have grown in reputation for providing a quality range of boots. So armed with this knowledge I sent to find the pair that would suit me.

For me a welly has to be universal, both for work, dog walking and finally fishing.

I soon realised that there was three pairs suited for me

  • AvonsAvon Muck Boot Camouflage Adult
  • Tay 
  • Tay sportOriginal <em>Muck Boot Tay sport</em> Green

After trying on all three and looking at the spec, I decided that the Tay was the boot for me. It fits like a glove and feels warm straight away. I went for a size 10 and its still got room for a winter sock, even though I been warned it may not be needed until it get really cold.

I'm been using the boot now for a month and I have been mightily impressed with its level of comfort and performance. I used it on walks with the dog through the muddy woods, on the banks of rivers doing flood investigation work and out fishing, both on bank and boat.

The boot has not let me down and you even forget you wearing a boot.

The Tay do cost quite abit more than you standard welly boot, but if you after comfort, warmth and a feel of stability, then this is the boot for you and based on other reports they last for a considerable time .


  1. They look ideal Jason, thanks for that.

  2. Really comfortable on the feet on a long walk