Saturday, 8 September 2012

Time for a Change

August and September are a funny month for me. Its a time for holidays with family, time for diy and a time for sorting out the gear with the impending changing season and species.

Its time to pack away the bream and tench gear which will be no loss as this season campaign started in high hopes with new waters to fish. Alas due to poor maintenance, these waters were unfishable and my bream and tench campaign has been a complete failure with the a big fat zero for the tench and a poultry 6lb slab being the be. I did squeeze in a couple of zed trips, but not enough and I hope to get in a few more if the weather stays mild.

For me, I start looking at my pike gear in mid August. My pike gear get a battering and is usually covered in mud and other unsavoury bit. Usually the first task is to check the reels and order/replace any worn of damaged parts. The last season gone by saw a lot of big water fishing and the pit reels did get clunked and chucked about. Hence why the lugs on the line safety guard probably broke off.

So this was ordered and replaced, so how it onto line check/replacement. The braid is in good nick and will should last for a time yet. The mono didn't get must use and as it was mostly kept in the cool/dark. this should be fine for the river piking I intend to do.

Left Mr Softee (discountinued) & Right AFW
New wire traces have been made with the last spool of Mr Softee (please restock it Eddie!!!) and new hooks attached.

The only big purchase was another BB350 rod from Dave Lumb so that makes......well probably one more than I needed, but it just means that I done have to chop and chance during the season for the different types of waters I intend to fish. So I have my dedicated big water setup and now a setup for the smaller water and rivers, all ready at a moments notice.

That just leaves the most important item. Bait. I've previously ordered my bait from a company in Essex, but with the opening of the tackle shop at Gladwells at Copdock, Suffolk and having a good friend whom runs it. I decided to save myself the hassle of ordering in the seasons bait, then waiting in or taking a day off wok when its delivered. So after being given the nod that the first bait had arrived, I text through my order and
picked it up after work.

Lake Wizard on sale at Gladwell's Pet and Country Store Copdock
Gladwells stock all makes of tackle and bait
Gladwells stock the Lucebait, which has a reputation for being top draw and I wasn't disappointed. So now my freezer is restocked and I'm ready to go. Roll on October and the autumn

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