Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Broadland Pike Tagging Pilot Study

Balance Pike Stock Levels
Went up to Narfulk last night to a talk by Andy Hines and Steve Lane of the Environment Agencies, Fissheries, Recreation and Biodiversity team.

Working with the Norwch District Pike Angling Club, Natural England and the Broad Angling Study Group (BASG) http://basgonline.org/pike-subgroup/ they have tagged 222 pike on a couple of broads with a non invasive tagging and dye system. The aim of the pilot study is to prove that these tags will or will not stay in the pike one release. If they do work, they hope to take the study forward and take data from angler on the length, broad location for further research.

Of the pike tagged thay have alreay gotten some quite amazing take on male to female ratios, length and weigh comparisions and scale samples for analysis in the lab

Andy Hines and his team froms the EA and NDPAC have been trained to insert these tags into the anal fin of the pike. This non invaise tagging has never been tried on old Esox, so it ground breaking stuff.

So if you fishing either Ormsby Broad or Burnt Fen and you capture a pike, please take a look at the dorsal fin for a orange dye mark and the check the anal fin for a yellow tags with a ID number on it.

This ID number should then be either phoned through, text or emailed back to the team

You can send data to the team via text message/phone on 07920 472722 or email piketagging@basgonline.org

So get involved!!!!

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