Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Laid Up

Been laid up with man flu of what ever you want to call it, for the the last week or so. This has resulted me in spending alot of time either on the net looking for tackle bargains, editing articles for the Pike Pool or  watching endless amounts of daytime tv on the discovery channel.

The last few days I've been feeling better and with the sun shining, I started to notice that spring is in the air with the arrival of the blue tits whom are starting to nest build in the bird box. It has also seen the dynamic duo of Buster & Spike start their spring hunting season in the meadow. So here is a snaps of what Spike caught and I returned alive

Also received another new lure to try this summer. Hand built by a guy and sold in small quantities on eBay. This one is a small sub surface lure, I hoping it will prove to be a killer lure and get the pike up from the weed.

Need to start to switch my attention from the pike soon and onto the spring/summer species of bream and tench, then when the rivers re-open in June get out after some Zeds

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