Friday, 10 February 2012

Pikers Pit, & Pike Pool & A New Attraction

Well, with all this snow and ice, I've not managed to wet a line for a couple of weeks. I hope to seek a few hours this weekend so will fill you in on that if I get out.

I have been busy thought on my new piking passion. Lure fishing.
I brought a nice 2nd 8ft medium weight shimano rod and reel a week ago and have now sorted out the lure box in order to have a selection in its cast range of 10-45g. On the lure front I also purchased a few new spoons from the forum and from Sovereign Superbaits .

Talking of the pit, if your not a member yet, why not. We now have over 1000 forum members and its growing fast. So what are you waiting for.....join use on Pikers Pit today.

The Pikers pits a great place for all your predator hunts and angler a like, it is a nice friendly place and the banter at times can we full on, but its worth it be in the company of some top anglers.

And finally, if you fancy a good tail or too, come and read the Pike Pool. It gets updated with a new piece on a weekly bases and is the best think since slice bread, better still its free as all writers do it for the love....



  1. Hi, found your blog and followed. JGR

  2. Thanks JGR, always nice to get more followers....I hope you enjoy my blog and the ones list in my favourite blogs