Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Friday and Monday - Again

Friday and Monday saw me at the same alternative venue and what a difference a few days make.

The Friday was a reccy mission to see how the place was fishing and to see what level the lake was at.

I arrived before 7am and the water was busy with anglers. Of course it was busy as it was still half term and the lake hadn't been ice free for the last couple of weeks, so every man and his dog was out fishing.

I headed off to one of the few deep water swims free and proceed to chuck two baits out to the far side of the lake and one in the margins.

It was evident that the pike were on the move today, as one of the anglers hooked and landed a twenty pounder within a hour of setting up. It was a short fat fish that would soon be heading to the spawning grounds.

After a hour of bait inactively, I recast two of the baits, chummed up the marginal rod and got the lure rod out for a spot of spinning. It didn't take long for the fire tiger rapala lure to get hit by a jack and it was soon gloved out. Removing the hooks was easy, but getting the actual lure out of its mouth was another problem, as this jack was determined not to let go of it. After a talking to him, he released the lure and was soon back on his way.

Soon enough an hour had passed by with nothing hitting the lures, a third bait rod was baited up with lamprey and cast to the far ban. I just standa cuppa, when the BBB sounded and with line peeling off the spool, I tightened down and lift into a fish. The rod hooped over and soon a pike was fighting at the end of the line, this was short lived and the line fell slack. I reeled the rig in and the bait was still attached, but it had a few additional puncher marks on it.

This was recast back out and I went and finished the cuppa, but added a choccy biscuit to replenish the energy levels.

During one of the walkabouts to the waters edge, I spied a very small jack with its head in the reeds. A target for a lure, me thinks!!! So after a rummage in the lure box, a micro shad was attached and cast over to the miniature predator. After a couple of casts, the pike noticed the mini shad and after positioning its self, it followed it to the bank, but alas it saw me and swam off before taking the lure.

But what was this micro hunter doing with its head in the reeds?. Well after 5 mins after the toothy fishy had left, a sickly looking carp of about 3lb came out of the reeds and slopped off into deeper water. Had the pint sized pike sensed the death knoll of the carp. I wonder.

The rest of the morning was uneventful, so after a spot of lunch (beef stew), the baits were freshened up and repositioned.

Early afternoon, soon changed to late afternoon and a run on the marginal rod was on, but even before I could get to the rod, the line had stopped peeling away from the spool and the float had resurfaced.

The bait was mashed up and was not reusable, so with the light fading, I packed up and headed for home.

PAC Day Out

Its Monday and I'm not at work again. Huuuuuuurrrrrrrrraaaaaa, I said as I woke from my slumber and got myself for a PAC adventure.

The fish-in on the lake was due to commence at 8:30am, so there was no point in hurrying myself.

On arrival I was greeted by the event organiser and was amazed to find out that the others were already there and fishing. Oh bath buns!!!

So, after a (cough) short chat, I head off to find a swim.

It soon became apparent that the swims I wanted were the same swims that the others wanted. So with only 1 and 6 pegs remaining (of the ones worth fishing), I unloaded the gear and head off.

I settled into the swim quickly and baits were soon out, the morning was cold and we had, had a couple of frosts the previous two nights. I wasn't hopeful of much action and only had one run all day from a grebe.

But I did take photos of a couple of PAC members captures for them. All in all, it was nice to meet up with like minded fellas and have a chat with them. They had come from far and wide to fish today and I had hoped that some of the lumps would appear, but alas they didn't. The biggest of the day was a 12lb 12oz fish which fell to the guy, whom I had convinced to fish peg 1.

Where is you mama?

I on the other hand, went to peg 6 and blanked. Ho hum.

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