Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Foamy Shores

My fishing has been quite restricted during this month and when I have been out, I have caught sweet FA!!!!

The pike locally have switched off, mainly I think due to the unseasonal weather and what seems to be constantly high pressure over the region.

Even with a full or new moon (yes I following the moon phases), pike have been in short supply. Yes I'm getting the odd run, but its normally from a jack who can't manage to engulf the foot long herring or half bluey loaded with a twin set of six 6 trebles.

Whilst October was a month of run after run, November has turned into a barren month and alas this has resulted in the camera coming out for some arty shots.

I was due to head to the rivers for zander, but due to unforeseen circumstances, well my cockup on fishing days, I ended up staying at home and having a chill day instead.

But on a positive note, at last we have had "A" proper frost. Thank christ for that, at least the weed will die off and the pike and bait fish will hopefully started to shoal up in the deeper water as they normally would at this time of the year.

I have contemplated getting the river feeder rod out along with some halibut pellets or luncheon meat to try and tempt a chub or even a rare barbel, but every time I have a look at the river the local kayaking club is on it, so it but a scupper on that.

So here are a couple of arty shots for you...Foamy Shores (one at the top), Ripples and a hoooooof

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